Top 10 Faves

Raspberry Chia Pudding

A truly super-tasty, super-healthy tangy, sweet, fiber-rich dessert filled with superfoods Raspberry and Chia Seeds, with a mousse-like, comforting creamy texture! Chia Seeds, the long-forgotten, under-discovered powerhouse of nutrition and energy is making a comeback … after hundreds of years! The ancient Mayans and Aztecs got it right, using Chia Seeds as a super long-lasting energy source, powering their warriors, in the Aztecs’ case! Rich in heart, brain-healthy and anti-inflammatory Omega 3s, superfood Chia seeds are also packed with protein, fiber, Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Manganese, Copper, Iron, Molybdenum, Niacin and Zinc! Meanwhile, the tangy Raspberries are themselves an anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory powerhouse of their own, high in Ellagic Acid (which helps prevent over-activity of pro-inflammatory compounds), Vitamins C, K, Manganese and other powerful phytonutrients to help protect us against oxidative stress! And let’s not forget this dessert is

Dairy-Free, using Coconut Milk, high in Lauric Acid, with anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties! A guiltless, super-healthy dessert at its tastiest very best!

Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Oil-Free, Cholesterol-Free and Nut-Free!

1 Each - $6.95

Festive Chopped Salad

Eat the colours of the rainbow! This festive, nutrient-dense, anti-oxidant-packed, powerhouse of a salad is made with our oh so yummy House Signature Balsamic Vinaigrette, super-tasty and super good for you! Superb anti-inflammatory properties from the Cabbage, good for your eyes Beta-Carotenes from the Carrots, a superior source of Vitamin C with skin beautifying, blood-cleansing and alkalizing chlorophyll from the Parsley and Celery which helps tone your vascular system! What more could you ask for? A high-fibre all-time, immune-building, delicious favourite to keep you healthy and help draw those toxins out of your body!

Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Cholesterol-Free and Nut-Free!
Small (1 Person) -$4.95
Medium (2-3 Persons) - $9.95
Large (4-5 Persons) - $12.95


Miso-Glazed Wild Salmon

Heart and brain healthy and rich with anti-inflammatory Omega3s, this super-tasty Wild Salmon from the pristine waters of Alaska, is glazed with our savory, traditionally hand-crafted miraculous Miso! Miso is a wonderful, natural probiotic source, which has been used in traditional cultures as a blood and digestive system strengthener with anti-acid and anti-carcinogenic properties! The quality of our Miso is exceptional, artisanally hand-crafted with time-tested methods which have been used for centuries by generations of traditional Miso-making families!

Dairy-Free and Nut-Free!

1 piece - $12.95

Mushroom Asparagus Tofu Quiche

A super-tasty, heart-friendly, cholesterol-free Tofu-based quiche with vitamin D packed Mushrooms and super anti-oxidant, glutathione-rich Asparagus! Glutathione is key to your body’s natural anti-oxidant defense against free radicals and cellular damage! Meanwhile, a great source of protein, Tofu is high in health-protective isoflavones, as well as calcium, iron and phosphorus, great for bone and overall health!

Dairy-Free, Cholesterol-Free and Nut-Free!

Single Serving - $5.95
Whole Quiche (8 Slices) - $45.00


Wheatberry Delight

Scrumptiously delicious, this whole grain-based salad has a wonderful mixture of tangy, sweet and nutty flavors, making this an all-time fave! The whole Wheatberries are packed with protein and are high in fiber, containing twelve of the important B vitamins, vitamin E, essential fatty acids and trace minerals Zinc, Iron, Copper, Manganese, Magnesium and Phosphorus! The Walnuts are an Omega 3 heart-healthy powerhouse & brain food! The tangy sweet dried Cranberries are apple-juice sweetened, so no refined sugars here … just 100% all natural, wholesome goodness!

Dairy-Free and Cholesterol-Free!
Small (1 Person) -$5.95
Medium (2-3 Persons) - $11.95
Large (4-5 Persons) - $15.95


Crunchy Quinoa Salad

A nutrient-dense, protein rich, super-nutritious powerhouse delight! Packed with high protein, calcium-rich, gluten-free whole grain superfood Quinoa! With Vitamin E heart and Calcium bone-healthy crunchy Almonds! Along with the mineral-rich, Calcium-rich, blood cleansing superfood Arame! In a super-tasty Tahini-based sauce! A total crowd-pleaser!

Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free and Cholesterol-Free!
Small (1 Person) -$5.95
Medium (2-3 Persons) - $14.95
Large (4-5 Persons) - $19.95


Springy Sweet Pea Soup - Available Daily

Springy Sweet Pea Soup A wonderful, delicately delicious, light yet satisfying soup made of naturally sweet Spring petite peas! The light creamy texture of this soup is relaxing and comforting! High in bone-friendly Vitamin K, Vitamins A and B-Complex as well as being a good source of potassium, Iron, fibre and protein!

Plus, it’s Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Cholesterol-Free and Nut-Free!

16 oz. (1 Person)

Available Daily

16 oz. $4.95


Cholesterol Busting Barley Salad

Chock-full of cholesterol busting fiber, this super tasty nutty, crunchy, chewy, oil-free, whole hulled Barley salad is a must-have detox and health staple! Not just is the Barley a fiber powerhouse, but it’s loaded with Selenium too, key to healthy cellular function! And of course there’s the cardiovascular-protective benefits of Almonds, with their high Vitamin E content! Truly “clean” eating at its tastiest and best!

Dairy-Free, Cholesterol-Free and Oil-Free of course!
Small (1 Person) -$5.95
Medium (2-3 Persons) - $12.95
Large (4-5 Persons) - $18.95

Kale Cranberry Pumpkin Seed Salad

A powerhouse green salad, with amazing, superfoods superstar Kale, deliciously sweet tart, apple-juice sweetened Cranberries and good for your immune system, Zinc-loaded Pumpkin Seeds, in a delicious tangy house dressing! Kale contains Lutein and Zeaxanthin (which can help protect your eyes from macular degeneration) and contains Indole-3-Carbinols, thought to help protect against Colon and Breast cancer! An exceptional source of Chlorophyll, Kale is highly alkalizing and cleanses your blood, is chock-full of anti-aging antioxidants, as well as being a good source of Calcium, Iron and Carotenes, Vitamins A, C, K, B1, B2, B6 and minerals like Manganese, Copper and Iron! Its sulphur-containing phytonutrients have antibiotic and antiviral properties and on to top it all off, this nutritional powerhouse is also a wonderful source of all-important fiber, to help your body lower cholesterol, help keep your Heart healthy and keep your blood sugar steady!

Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Cholesterol-Free and Nut-Free!
Small (1 Person) -$5.95
Medium (2-3 Persons) - $11.95
Large (4-5 Persons) - $16.95


Scrumptious Blueberry Pecan Date Tart

A Texas treat! Scrumptious, good-for-you, cholesterol and gluten-free total satisfying yumminess! Filled with heart and brain healthy Omega3’s and healthy proteins from the Pecans! Superstar of superfoods Blueberries are Brain food, have anti-inflammatory and age defying, anthocyanin anti-oxidants and numerous other health-supportive phytonutrients , not to mention vitamins and minerals like Vitamin K, C, A and Manganese, important in Bone development and in converting foods into energy! Sugar-free, this dessert is naturally sweetened with gentle to digest yet high fiber Dates!

Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Oil-Free and Cholesterol-Free!

1 Slice - $8.95